A solo album by Rafał Kołacki

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A solo album by Rafał Kołacki

After a break of several years, Rafał Kołacki (HATI, Mammoth Ulthana, Molok Mun) returns to Zoharum with another solo album "Mektoub", in which he combined his musical experiences to create an extraordinary radio play based on drone music, field recordings and short fragments of texts by Paul Bowles. "Mektoub. 1001 Nights" by Paul Bowles is a production by Kołacki inspired by this charismatic traveller, composer, writer and icon of individualism. This incorrigible emigrant, escaping almost all cultural and artistic schemes, became an inspiration for the musician to record an album, which is the result of a record of Bowles' journey to Tangier. Kołacki records the streets, the market, the praying muezzins, the city where he lived author of "The Sheltering Sky" worked creatively. Intertwining the field recordings, he adds his drone music compositions, selects Bowles's texts referring to the culture of the Moroccans and other notes from Tangier. Thanks to this, on the album you can also hear some interesting, almost poetic sentences, perfectly describing the world presented by the recordings used on this album.

Publication on CD in ecopack. Limited edition to 250 copies.

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