FRACTAL 'Hologram' CD

CD released by Aliens Prod.

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The productivity and musicality of this Polish pioneer, who calls himself Fractal was under our label creatively active for the past year,and it can't be any different in the new year. However, one change is clear and deserved. This time, Tomasz will sign with his handwriting also on the physical recording. Again, limited edition that cannot be said about musical work, which avoids any limits and still observes in its minimalist creation. Beautiful surfaces in hybrid suit. Noises and melodic lines. Cinematic corners and melancholic cells in idm positions. Dense bass lines, piano sounds, space dust. Clean and dreamy. Deep and beautiful at the same time. Electronic backdrop built on idm procedures, glitch beats and melodic clips. A concept which is partly composed of previous releases and conceptually supplemented with new pieces. The album contains a lot of unreleased material and cinematic moods. Soundtrack to the movie or to the dreamy soul? It's enough to look here and the projection can begin. The story is really colorful…

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