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POLYGON 'Einzelheiten' CD

CD released by Aliens Prod.

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Sound engineer and almost already iconic face of dark scene Ingo Lindmeier has again dug into his archive and in the production of Aliens production has gathered material that has for certain time laid covered with mystery. In these days it is the right time to see the light of a day this essentially rare material. By its sound Polygon is little turning away from the face that showed us album Sein Lernen and this time the story is set in the bowels of the darker and more experimental blocks. Dark, atmospheric corners are waving in movies atmospheres. Hypnotic strings pulsates through this whole concept and minimalistic - crystalline sequences are almost stabbed into the heart of your subconscious. Part of the album is also strong cooperation with the project Nerthus and the audio portion is signed by none other than genius Headdreamer and his powerful sound engineering. Graphic concept has been again outlined with his unique eye from the main protagonist himself and his design company Spiel Sinn. This album will definitely be interesting for the listeners that likes darker and more extravagant positions of industrial culture. Musically it is as the connection of albums Omnon and Images, although this concept is another gem and creative effort of this excellent musician.

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