SECT7 - Subliminal Stimuli MC

SECT7 debut EP released on tape.

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"Subliminal Stimuli" is the debut EP of the SECT7 project, behind which is Kat, an artist associated with the Łódź electronic music environment. This short publication is a kind of introduction to the regular album, which will be released soon by Zoharum. Contains two original compositions; where the first is a single from the upcoming album in the full sense of the word, and the second is a classic B-side, prepared exclusively for this format. The whole thing is complemented by remixes of the title track by Larmo and Egoist, which perfectly complement the original versions, previously recorded by Kat. This short material, less than 20 minutes long, contains the essence of SECT7's music, rooted in industrial aesthetics, based on a wide stylistic spectrum. We are dealing here with heavy, motoric electronics with a raw, almost rough and metallic sound, enhancing the impression of a thickening aura, which is a perfect background for numerous looped phrases, so that it fits perfectly into the convention of modern techno with an admixture of electro energy, driven by the mechanical rhythm of EBM.

Release date 30.05.2023

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