BORDA - Methexis CD

Released on CD by Silentes.

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Released on CD by Silentes.
Press-kit: The idea behind "Methexis" is to take some of the foundational concepts of jazz such as interplay, timbral research and improvisation, and render them in a predominantly electronic context. The compositions were sketches, for example various modes of interactions and three modal macro-areas were indicated on the piece "Methexis", while "On Silent Haunches" is an improvisation for solo electric piano structured on the final four chords of the "Ladybird" standard, and so on, the pieces were constructed leaving each musician with endless possibilities for interpreting the music. Interaction was one of the underlying principles of the project and occurred on two levels: the first saw the musicians interpret the compositions, the second saw Borda edit, process and manipulate the recorded material depending on what each musician had played. 

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