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When the mind... cannot sleep, the demons wake up. Convulsive lullabies are like night dreams, intrusive thoughts and words appearing at inappropriate times. These are frustrations, unresolved disputes, demons of the past, ghosts of poorly made decisions and all kinds of human weaknesses - what builds the identity of an individual and, consequently, a group - despite everything...

Zoharum presents the new, fifth album by KRÓLOWCZANA SMUGA, titled "Konwulsanki". The band from Poland performs music at the intersection of many genres, drawing heavily from folklore, alternative, rap and metal to give it its own style, which can be defined "freak horror folk", and under the guise of ludic tradition, it perfectly comments on the everyday life surrounding it. Can you imagine such a formula? If not, be sure to see for yourself.

Release date: 23.04.2023

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