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Album released on CD by Zoharum.

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"Gardens" is the second album with which Wojtek Szachowski's project debuts in the Zoharum catalog. It contains three long songs, expanding the direction chosen by the musician from the beginning. Noche Oscura is a Polish instrumental project playing music that follows the convention of sludge/doom metal with drone/ambient elements. The name was taken from the writings of the Spanish mystic Saint. John of the Cross, who used this term to describe the phenomenon of the "Dark Night" as a circumstance conducive to meditation and deep spiritual contemplation.

Therefore, the design compositions are characterized by an extremely dense and stuffy atmosphere. However, here the convention based mainly on dark, heavy structures is a counterpoint to the gently emerging light, giving hope and indicating the right direction of the chosen path. In this way, NOCHE OSCURA creates a soundtrack that perfectly illustrates the state in which a difficult mystical experience, although severe and sometimes painful, leads to enlightenment. Therefore, when darkness takes over the mind, body and soul, it is an opportunity to explore true happiness hidden under the facade of fragility, superficiality and insignificance.

This Manichaean practice is not always associated with suffering, but always requires sacrifice, based on abandoning comfort, routine, and apparent pleasure, in order to experience the "dark night" with humility and give rise to a deep experience of happiness, knowledge and love.

The album is available on CD in a 6-panel ecopack and in a digital version.
Release date: 20.06.2024

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