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Album released on CD by Zoharum.

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Do you remember the debut album ULESA published by Zoharum 3 years ago? If you like their ethereal, musical story, tailored to the early publications from 4AD; immersed in a slightly oneiric-melancholic aura, embellished with misty vocalizations floating between the sounds of the instruments, seasoned with a pinch of darkness and mystery, we have good news for you - the mysterious trio continues the direction they have chosen, which resulted in eight new compositions in the release titled number II. It is worth adding that the vocal part is performed by Ania from the band SZKLANE OCZY, which was warmly received during the joint tour with Gruzja.

The album, similarly to the debut, was released on CD in a four-panel digipack and in a digital version.

Release date: 25.06.2024

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