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B°TONG - Mass 2CD

A double CD album released by Zoharum.

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A few years after we released a split release with RE-DRUM, the Swiss B°TONG returns with a new release in the Zoharum catalog. This time it is a double CD album titled "Mass", which consists of recordings from two different sessions, recorded in 2022 and 2023. Each of them could successfully exists as a separate publication, but together they form a coherent whole. Chris Sigdell's music is a marriage of broadly understood ambient with a wide stylistic range, from fieldrecording phrases, drone structures to guitar, almost post-rock quasi songs. The Swiss artist uses the sounds extracted from his instruments to build his own narrative with great freedom, juggling emotions and mood in order to wrap it up in a coherent story with the last note. As befits the epic nature of the work, there is enough space for experiment, grating, dingy basement sounds, as well as delicate melodies breaking through, which sometimes accompany ephemerally appearing songs, voices and melodies. Those who have already had the opportunity to come across the work of this project, reaching at least a small excerpt from B°TONG's large discography, know what to expect from these 6 long compositions on both discs, can only confirm the above words.
Edition of 300 pieces in a six-panel eco-pack.
Release date: 25.06.2024

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