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RAPOON "Dream Circle (In Three Circle)" 3CD

A triple CD album released by Zoharum.

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We are proud to present the unique RAPOON publication "Dream Circle" (In three Phases)", a special edition of the British artist's debut album, containing a total of 3 CDs: a remastered version of the debut "Dream Circle", the sequel "Recurring (Dream Circle)" and a specially prepared version of thinking about this release, the album "Mandala", which is an extension of the formula contained in previous releases. As in the case of the extended reissues of RAPOON ("Vernal Crossing Revisited" or "The Kirghiz Light"), the musician had a similar idea there, also here, to record new compositions, Robin Storey reached into his archive to extract the tracks and sound banks that he used during those sessions almost 30 years ago, to use them in a completely different way with their help, compose completely new, interesting and coherent musical material. "Mandala" draws listeners into a mystical journey to the Middle East with the same intensity as "Dream Circle" and "Recurring...". The discs put together in this way close the triptych started at the very beginning of Rapoon's activity. This unique trilogy was released in a black and gold 8-panel digipack.

In addition, an extended collector's edition in a wooden box will also be available, containing several bonuses.

Release date: 25.06.2024

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