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DIVISION S - Something to Fuck and Lose CD

A new CD from DIVISION S released by Steinklang Industries.

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A new CD from DIVISION S released by Steinklang Industries.

Wait a minute. Didn’t we say the previous album, Something to Drink & Smoke, was supposed to be the last DIVISION S album?
Looks like we were wrong. And we couldn’t be happier to be.
Continuing in their tried and tested, impossible to pin down style, DIVISION S take us on another weird, warped, trippy and inebriated journey to strange places. Call it neo-cabaret, call it neofolk, call it alternative: descriptors elude the essence of DIVISION S.
"Something to Fuck and Lose" combines suave lounge music, naïve and preppy old pop, light psychedelia and utter, mind-boggling weirdness into a whole that sounds like sleazy lounge bars and that feeling of being totally, completely drunk. Lust fuelled by alcohol, fumbling bodies engaged in passionate, animal fucking. And next morning, only booze and cum stains to tragically remind of what was lost after last night’s inebriated trysts. This is an imaginary trip back in time to the swingin’ 60’s, full of obnoxiously hip people, cool suits and sexy skirts, fancy drinks, chic night clubs, and the slick entertainers in them. But with a weird, slightly disturbing and nightmarish vibe to it, an oppressive darkness just beyond perception. And it’s perfect.
Hypnotic in its repetitive, jerking style which sounds just a bit off, covered under a shimmer as of old, deteriorating cassette tape and worn-out cheap vinyl records, Something To Fuck & To Lose is a perfect follow-up to "Something to Drink & Smoke". It’s just as weird, just as indescribable, and just as charming, but despite all of its similarities, somehow entirely different also. A bit more coherent and focused, with a bit more retro crooner aesthetic to it – like a fall-down-drunk Nick Cave singing old pop hits in a cheap karaoke bar – "Something to Fuck and Lose" manages to be both more accessible and every bit as strange and odd. 

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