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DAWN + DUSK ENTWINED - Myth, Faith, Belief CD

CD edit released by Steinklang.

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CD edit released by Steinklang.

April 2024 marks the exact 30th birthday of DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED beginning, with the first song written 'The untold'.
Now is the moment to come full circle, and present a remastered edition of the first (and only) cassette, ‘Myth, faith, belief’, released in September 1995, with 5 additional tracks.
The clumsiness of all these old tracks is still evident, but some die-hard fans may enjoy this testimony of a learning period.
Juris from Steinklang showed interest in this, and we (D&DE and Steinklang) present together this joined release, limited to 100 copies only.

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