LUNUS [Teatro Satanico] 'Nihil' CD

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LUNUS at his beAst monochrome stark harsh beat & anti-drone musick. For those who do not have memory Lunus is the solo project of Devis "deviLs" Granziera of Teatro Satanico. And indeed here, among these gloomy tracks, you may find the bitter essence of older Teatro Satanico recordings. Industrial noise reverberations and echoes emerging before dissolving once again to leave tense heavy beat. And then strands of bursts of unbridled synthetic mangling. And subsequently wisps of melancholic alien tones and shadows. NIHIL is the nothing that Death brings. Nothing that will never go away, like a blurry recall from blackest emptiness, like a deep dark blood-spilling slash in your soul, a souvenir from Hell and an album of bleak, desperate, sad, doomed beauty. Comes as a luxurious Digipack with cover art by Italian maestro Saturno Buttó.

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