SIEBEN 'Sex And Wildflowers' 2LP

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Reissue. First time on Vinyl

The fourth Sieben album, released in 2003 via German label Trisol/Iceflower label. (Tri 188 CD, and Irond in Russia’s licensed release IROND CD 04-594) in jewel case CD. The album was added to and re-mastered to form half of the Ogham Inside The Night (next) Sieben album.

Sex & Wildflowers was an artistic turning point for Howden (once more) and saw the introduction of his trademark looped violin work. It also produced songs that still populate his live performances to this day. Love’s Promise and Virgin In The Green are songs that still prove popular with his live audiences.

A1 Spring Snowdrop
A2 Forget Me Not
A3 Virgin In The Green
A4 John In The Pulpit
A5 Knudlustysummer
B1 Deadly Nightshade
B2 Bleeding Heart
B3 Winter Snowdrop
B4 Love`s Promise
B5 Loki
C1 Deathlust
C2 Bluebell
C3 Handfasting
D1 Crimson Clover
D2 Loki Rides Again
D3 Love`s Other Trumpet
D4 Love`s Trumpet
D5 Virgin In The Green (As They Should Sound Mix)

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