SACRILEGIUM 'Angelus' CD single

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The lead single, off the upcoming new SACRILEGIUM album. The single contains two versions of the title track; an album and demo version. It also comprises of remixes done by guest artists: In Slaughter Natives (industrial), Zenial (experimental, avant-garde), ROD (Slavonic folk-dubstep) and Echoes of Yul (post-rock). The title track of the single (in both album and demo versions) is an example of what to expect of the band on their upcoming full-length release in 2016: that traditional black metal sound they are known for, however, with a brutal and more aggressive kick and, yet, not lacking their unique touch of melancholy.

30 minutes of music in total released in noble DigiFile CD limited to 500 copies.

1. Angelus (album version)
2. Angelus (remix by In Slaughter Natives)
3. Angelus (remix by Zenial)
4. Angelus (remix by Echoes of Yul)
5. Angelus (remix by ROD)
6. Angelus (demo version)

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