V/A - Insane 80s (EV01- EV10) CD

A compilation of tracks previously released on 7" by EE Tapes.

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A compilation of tracks previously released on 7" by EE Tapes.

An outcome of 10 limited 7inch EPs inspired by the 1980s and with a strong focus on rare belgian forgotten
gold, we can hardly believe it ourselves....
....Vinyl hunting, running our own label, DIY-fanzines, organising live gigs, home-taping, mail-art, and loads of strange physical mail, it was all part of our 1980s music history, all for the sake of our individual creativity, not to mention our addiction to underground music in the first place! We can even still recall the smell of those lovely indie vinyl stores! Unfortunately not every artist made it onto a vinyl record, apart from the lucky few.
So the cassette popped up as a convenient release format, be it in a much more obscure environment.... Now here it is, a tribute CD to our (mostly OOP) 7inch series, far from complete but compiled with love and respect! All of the artists presented here deserve to be heard by a bigger audience. Special thanks to all of you who took part!
Including the full version of "80s Compilation EP" (EV07) and 5 bonuses previously released on tape only! Liner notes by Peter Vercauteren | Gonzo (circus).

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