NON PHOTO BLUE - Crawling Into Tommorow MC

Solowy debiut Damiela  Donchova (muzyka formacji Leaver)

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Solowy debiut Damiela  Donchova (muzyka formacji Leaver)

Crawling Into Tomorrow’ is the first solo album of Daniel Donchov (Leaver) under the name Non Photo Blue. It sees him experimenting with synth-centered, beatless and free-form music after years of handling the guitar or bass in bands like Sofia’s Expectations. His debut is comfortably spanning over six drone ambient autobiographical snapshots. ‘Crawling Into Tomorrow’ is like a long bike ride somewhere in the North, like a delayed flight to an unknown city and is as sincere as the struggle to fight your new home without losing touch with all memories, people and places that made you who you are.


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