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Corrado Altieri | Gianluca Favaron - Decomposed Days CD

Album released by Silentes.
"decomposed days" relates to the possible connections between space, time and memory, making reference to imaginary movies as well as existing ones (like peter greenaway's "vertical features").
the album's five compositions are built with a crosspollination between musique concrete, abstract noise textures, radical computer music and techno splinters, leading to surreal territories.

corrado altieri: synthesizers, electronics, tapes
gianluca favaron: microphones, loops, effects, computer
recorded, mixed and produced in cagliari-treviso, between december 2013 and may 2014

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Album released by Silentes

starting from simple recordings of sounds produced by everyday objects (…such as paper, scissors, kitchen stuff etc.), treated mainly with two delay machines, Favaron has collected eleven compositions. the idea behind this new release is to create some patterns based on the repetition of small sound particles obtained from a single source. in the eleven tracks on the album, mostly of short duration, we witness the proliferation of particular sound events that, sometimes wandering alone or sometimes by congregating into small throbbing and vital lumps, generate a vibrant microcosm characterized by short loops, slowly but constantly evolving.iIn some cases, as for example in the more long-lasting closing number, the simplicity of the construct and the infinitesimal tonal progressions are appreciated for their intrinsic hypnotic quality. mastered by giuseppe ielasi, "equivalent XI" is released in a limited edition of 250 copies that stands out for its essential graphics; the first 50 copies of the cd contain a real hand-numbered photograph.

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