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MCD released by Status Prod.

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MCD released by Status Prod.
STATUS Prod. presents the new EP of the Voronezh ritual / dark ambient project ORD - Kamadarshana.
Kamadarshana (Kama, Skt. काम, “love”, “sensual attraction”, God of love in Hinduism; Darshan, darshan, Skt. दर्शन “contemplation”) - can be translated as the Contemplation of the God of Love. Darshan is bilateral: the believer sees the object of worship, while the object sees the believer. The result of darshan is the blessing received from the vision of the divine.
In the design of the EP, was used a bamboo mat with the author's art of the Voronezh artist and tattoo artist Valeria Khanina (Instagram @khanina_art, vk.com/siren88) .
EP released in mini-CD format, with a circulation of 108, manually numbered copies, and is available on the STATUS Prod label. and distributors.

Status Prod.

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