WHALESONG - Radiance Of A Thousand Sun 2CD

Album released by Old Temple.

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Album released by Old Temple.

Press-kit "Radiance of a Thousand Suns" is monstrous and punishing colossus released on 2CD. The album is impossible to be easily described with just one genre, but one thing's for sure: the band doesn't follow any trends and negates up-to-date fragmentary listening of music. Whalesong attacks with heaviness, slow industrial rhythms, hypnotic arrangements and overwhelming, sometimes more than 10-minutes long compositions. Constantly repeated riffs and rhythms mixed with huge loudness don't let anyone ignore them. Whalesong understands the great value of dynamics and uses huge variety of instruments: gongs, hammered dulcimer, tubular bells, theremin, vibraphone, saxophone, accordion and also objects like sheet metal, circular saws and springs. The album was recorded with help of great musicians: Thor Harris (SWANS, Xiu Xiu, Wrekmeister Harmonies, The Angels of Light), Wacław Vogg Kiełtyka (Decapitated, Machine Head, Lux Occulta), Aleksander 'Pope' Papierz (Sigihl) and award-winning vibraphonist Tomasz Herisz.

Old Temple

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