CD edtion released by Aliens Prod. 

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CD edtion released by Aliens Prod. 

Press kit: After the melancholic act You, Atreid aka Martin Pavlik is announcing another album. This time Atreides' production transforms and takes a denser form thanks to the guests who participated on this album. Many famous names from the dark scene transcribes Atreides' footsteps into its form, thanks to which this release is colorful and musically and by the genre and at the same time it sets a strong lath and variously blends waters of EBM genre. The combination of Atreides' cyber production and well-known producers boils a nice cauldron of all sorts of styles and passions, which will be nicely complemented by three new tracks and again famous collaborations between the member of Depressive Disorder and charamismatic singer Jitka Charvátová, who is a member of the cult band Ocean. Sound transformations were taken care of by projects such as: Amnistia, Ish. KIFOTH, MC1R, Terminal State, Tokee, Vaclav Neckar (No name desire), LIOB, Jan Vozary (Ocean), Jihad…

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