MORBID FANCY - Sepulchral serenade CD

CD edtion released by Aliens Prod. 

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CD edtion released by Aliens Prod. 

Press kit: Not so long ago, one German producer offered us his rare and never released material, which was another inspiration for us to dig a bit in history and hunt in the past. We didn't even have to go far and Miki has brought us his never-released album. Head of the cult project Morbid Fancy from Bratislava, which was in the 90s at the top of the Slovak Ebm. Numerous great performances and cult tapes have made this dynamic project fit into the worldwide dark scene of the 1990s. Catchy rhythms, shouted vocals and lots of great, industrial tortures and horror atmospheres. So that's how Iron was melted in the Bratislava factory called Morbid Fancy. Oldschool, combined with dark atmospheres in which you can feel the sound of bands like Placebo Effect, Yelworc, Skinny Puppy or FLA, is even today a strong cause of fear and uncertainty in which humanity is today. This rarity has never been officially released or published. It never had a cover or a label. Shortly after recording it in the studio Exponent this duo has suspended their activities. So, who knows? Maybe it will again come to life, but for the time being, through this book of the past, we can smell the old iron and get a boost with some dirt as it dropped into the world in times when a computer or other medium was not commonplace. The material was brushed by a large Miki himself. The sound was taken care of by magical Anatoly. And I ...I have sharpened the crayons and painted the cover. Listen to it ...Already at that time it was a pure truth that now catches up the humanity ...

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