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MEDIA DATA - Adore resurrect CD

CD edtion released by Aliens Prod. 

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CD edtion released by Aliens Prod. 

Press kit: The Russian pioneer of melancholy tones is coming back in short time with its next work. As the name itself suggests, this album will follow its predecessor conceptually. In a sound way, Denis has again focused on a more modest down tempo, in which beautiful melodies and hybrid structures waggle. The penetrating rhythms seconds to melodic lines and atmospheres. Plenty of noises and synthetics strings is filled with the sound of harmonious instruments and even greatly blended traditional balalaikas. Dense, bass lines and emotional corners, will give the listener again great play of atmosphere and emotions. Electronics that will delight with its clearness. It moves but doesn’t bite. Creatively will be packed into your subconscious. Fragments and melodies can long resonate in the listener's mind. Strikingly rhythms, nicely unfolds every single story and reveal another world of Adore. In the past in his birth, now in his resurrection. On album has again contributed great Anatoly with it sound and with its visual arts and beautiful photographs has contributed talented Bernard André. So the next tasty thing is in the world…

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