STROMSTAD- New Devoted Human CD

CD released by Malignant.

Press-kit: Few names imply mind-bending, forward thinking heavy electronics like Finnish stalwarts, and with every release, they seem to further stretch the boundaries of what can be a pretty rigid genre, and navigate realms never before seen or heard. Similar things can be said of Norwegian atmospheric heavy weight and Malignant staple, Kristoffer Oustad, whose particular strain of dark ambient and post-industrial soundscapes are incredibly dynamic, at times surreal and cinematic, other times more driving and heavy, but all with a recognizable, highly emotive touch. Put the two together, and you get the debut of their collaborative project, STROMSTAD. Spread out over 8 tracks, this is a dizzying exploration of sound and vocal fury, where mechanized pulsations, writhing frequency oscillations, and grinding machine loops meet stretches of drifting darkness and touches of musicality, suggestive of a future that’s dystopic and bleak on one hand, yet highly innovative and revolutionary on the other. Featuring a guest appearance by Grutle Kjellson from the mighty Enslaved, mastering by Nordvargr, paintings by Jeff Klena and design by Alonso Urbanos.

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Moral Order CD released by Malignant.

Press-kit: New full length from this Spanish heavy electronics project, following the LP "Freedom Locked" on Tesco. 10 songs of diseased and infected analog frequencies, frying minimal electronics, and throbbing, modulating rhythms. Unsettling and menacing, this is old school industrial for the purists at heart

Moral Order is: Fernando O. Paíno

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