METADEVICE - Studies For A Vortex CD

CD released by Malignant.

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CD released by Malignant.

Press-kit: "As a founding member of the now defunct Sektor 304 and a major contributor to Beyond Enclosure, Andre Coelho is no stranger to the Malignant roster, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him back with his brand-new project, Metadevice. For those familiar with his previous work, you’ll recognize a lot of the same traits and characteristics: assemblages of bruising musicality, as fed through a cacophony of factory dirge, alienating drones and insectile frequencies, often with distorted rhythms and resonating clangs, and vocals that range from spoken word to more aggressive and in your face. No matter the project, Andre has always managed to tap into an authentically old school industrial sound, and Metadevice is no exception. A must For fans of IRM, Einsturzende Neubauten,"

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