LUGOLA - You Are Not Special CD

New brilliant album from LUGOLA released by Steinklang Industries.

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New brilliant album from LUGOLA released by Steinklang Industries.
Press-kit: LUGOLA is a noise project from Poland that began in 2012. Since the very beginning the solo work of Michal 'Neithan' Kielbasa is a combination of noise, power electronics, drone and dark ambient. Lugola live performances are partially improvised free-form sonic assaults, physically and emotionally intense. Visuals are often used. There are no limits. There is no future.

YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL - new Lugola album is a return to the project's roots and is so far Lugola's most radical and extreme record. YANS is an assault on your senses, almost physical show of nihilism and hate, a channel for all negative thoughts and emotions. Taking its musical cues from classic harsh noise, power electronics and death industrial breaks all kinds of limitations without any interest in listener's comfort.

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