A tape edition released by AMEK.

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A tape edition released by AMEK.

FRISSON was a ray of light in an otherwise empty year for live music in Sofia, Bulgaria. This live compilation is our way to commemorate the event and the good times we had during its four days in early October of the cursed year 2020.

The release features live and unedited bootleg recordings of new or unreleased works by the Amek Collective artists who were a part of the program alongside many other artists from the current Bulgarian electronic scene.

1. LATE - Phonon (Live) 03:47
2. Evitceles - Obsolete Corners (Live) 02:18
3. Cyberian - Stigmata (Live) 02:53
4. krāllār - drowned in garda (Live) 05:02
5. Mytrip - 16 Hours In Between (Live) 03:49
6. OOHS! - Entitled New Song (Live) 05:38
7. Amek Drone Ensemble - Op. 2 12:38


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