V/A - Drone Islands - The Lost Maps CD

CD album released by Eight Tower.

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CD album released by Eight Tower.

2nd volume of the series Drone Islands, "Drone Islands - The Lost Maps" continues Eighth Tower Records' deep explorations into the realm of "droning music". Alongside drone ambient music masters like TROUM, Rapoon, Schloss Tegal, Autopsia, and well known dark ambient projects like Alphaxone, Taphephobia, the volume presents experimentalists such Simon Balestrazzi, Trauma Terrestrial, as well extremely interesting young musicians like Gaspar Peralta. Solid realities and new promises is a sign of the best international drone music.

1.Rapoon - Sphinx wings 05:56
2.Gaspar Peralta - Entre el clamor a coro de las estrellas del alba I 05:14
3.Bedouindrone - Jallianwala-bagh 05:00
4.Simon Balestrazzi - Engramma 1 06:14
5.TraumaTerrestrial - Whalespit 06:43
6.TROUM - Dérivé d'écume 07:37
7.Autopsia-vs-Instinct Primal - Ritual 05:06
8.Schloss Tegal - Bones of Tartarus 05:32
9.Taphephobia - Light-years from home 04:08
10.Tunnels of Āh - Red Distribution 06:08
11.Martyria - Ominous 05:26
12.Alphaxone - Dark Horizon 06:00
13.Bloodkry - Nocturnal 04:41

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