KINETIX - White Rooms 2CD

Album released by Silentes.

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Album released by Silentes 

 Released in 2005, folded in 6 panel digipack.
Each section considers a single dimensional aspect of the physical space to freely translate it into sound-design in conformity with the following order:
A-section: Inside the room (presence of sound) / Outside the room (absence of sound) > Volume of sound
AA-section: Length of the room (length of the sound event) > Time
AAA-section: Height of the room (height of the sound effect > Frequencies
B-section: Volume of the room (resounding space) >Space
The B-section was composed with a very specific sound installation in mind. It is composed of frequencies at the limits of the audible range, with no reverb, the intent being that the space in which it is played would determine what the piece sounded like.

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