KLEISTWAHR – In The Guts Of A Year CD

CD released by Fourth Dimmension.

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CD released by Fourth Dimmension. 

Since 2014 Gary Mundy of Ramleh has been releasing most of his solo work through Fourth Dimension Records. 'In the Guts of a Year' is his sixth such album for the label (not including a reissue of 2009's 'The Return' album, originally released as an LP by USA's Noiseville, and the reissues of the Broken Flag LPs 'Mobility' and 'Do Not' that are also presently in production) and brings together another six lengthy new cuts. Keeping in line with where his work has been going in recent years, these merge atmospheric noise, church-like organ groans, frazzled guitar snatched from the stratosphere and the occasional vocals that would do a wailing spirit proud. Although little like Ramleh themselves, the vehement interest in squeezing new sounds out of the given instruments in order to create vast, immersive blankets to lose oneself in remain a common factor. Defiant, bold and charged with an energy that could power a small country for several months, 'In the Guts of a Year' is another great entry in Gary's continuing quest to make sense of a world forever falling apart at the seams. This is the twelfth Kleistwahr album since 1983's 'Myth' (reissued as a limited edition LP by Harbinger Sound in 2011).

Packaged as usual in gatefold-LP style sleeve in a characteristic Broken Flag design featuring fantastic photos by Chris Low, this album now available to ship, mid-December 2021. 300 only.

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