TRIODE - Atrium MC

A tape edition of TRIODE album released by Aliens Prod. in 2021

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A tape edition of TRIODE album released by Aliens Prod. in 2021

Hybrid structures, atmospheric messages and catastrophic visions. Dark corners where you hear cathedral echoes. The modern colossus is covered with gloomy fog and a history of damnation. Traveling through civilizations and time gates. Modern versus ancient. Deep and machine opus in an industrial suit full of noise walls, machine noises and beautiful atmospheres. It is like a shimmering star fell through space and atmosphere and by getting closer to civilization it began to rot and decompose to dust… A member of dISHARMONY is back! Harder and gloomier… Don't miss the limited Tape edition where you will find the previous EP but also a bonus only for this analog recording! Ltd edition 50 copies exclusive in AV distro…

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