ANTIGAMA - Zeroland CD

CD edition released by Selfmadegod.

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CD edition released by Selfmadegod.

Polish tremendous quartet Antigama takes another step forward with its third full length album "Zeroland" delivering extremely creative and diverse combination of various aggressive music styles. On this nine-song album the Warsaw powerhouse allows the listener to experience immeasurable number of speed light blasts, disharmonic grind and experimental noise. The creation gives the most intricate, dynamic and innovative sound of the genre. Manic drumming, heavy distorted guitars, gorgeous vocals and shrieks are inarguable trademarks of Antigama. Complex and twisted grind, forward thinking metal - avantgrind! Without a doubt, Poland's Antigama offers some of the most sick and innovative grindcore we have heard in years. Furiously fast and pissed yet at times mind-blowingly technical, Antigama splices raw, old-school grind stylings with cinematic jump-cuts creating a maelstrom of sheer fury and mathematical precision. - Relapse

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