ELK TOOTH - Never Give All The Heart LP

Limited edition of 100 vinyl copies.

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Limited edition of 100 vinyl copies.

ELK TOOTH is the sole vision of Todd Paulson, main songwriter behind atmospheric black metal band Canis Dirus (last album as vinyl was on "Bindrune Recordings" - label of wellknown band PANOPTICON). This entity was created as an outlet for exploring a more acoustic sound palette. The main focus being neo-folk.

This debut album, ‘Never Give All the Heart’ is an examination of feelings of loss, distrust, hopelessness and ultimately celebration. Delicately strummed guitars, percussive elements, mesmerizing synths and restrained vocals come together in a dark cauldron of melancholy.

For fans of Osi and the Jupiter, Of the Wand and the Moon, By the Spirits & In Ruin, Curent 93, Death in June ...

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