V/A - Vanishing Standards II MC

A compilation released on tape by Amek.


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A compilation released on tape by Amek.

Vanishing Standards returns with 15 exclusive tracks by Amek regulars and a very special selection of guests. The new volume of what has now grown into a compilation series, aims at revealing new and exciting works by our expanded family of artists thus the epic tracklist, spanning over 80 minutes of music in a plethora of contemporary experimental music genres. Vanishing Standards II collects works from debuting projects and unexpected collaborations, as well as a few remix and cover versions. Vanishing Standards II is also the biggest tape run Amek has ever dared to publish.

1. Musical Statues - Acorn Barnacle 05:34
2. Petkov & Borzeszkowski - Scape I 05:06
3. Niandraz & Ivan Shopov - Ten of Swords 04:18
4. trohi - den na supata 03:12
5. Valance Drakes - Weak Humans, Wise Demons (Anthony Baldino Remix) 04:02
6. Bogdan Simeonov - In The Space of Reasons 03:10
7. Vanity Productions & Rangelova - Boundless 08:04
8. Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov - Waiting Line 05:56
9. KANZ - Alpha Emitter 07:58
10. Haraqia - Handywork 06:25
11. Evitceles - Indulgence 04:59
12. Entrenched & krāllār - Soul on Ice 05:49
13. Zhe Pechorin - Days 02:01
14. XI-N - Eclipse 05:36
15. Leaver - Нелюбов (Evitceles Cover) 05:37


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