UNDANTEM - Alterity MC

A new material released on tape by Amek.


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A new material released on tape by Amek.

For over a year we’ve observed the growth and transformation of Undantem’s debut full-length ‘Alterity’. The first glimpses of it were heavy on field recordings and rawer ambient sound. The harshness gradually surrendered to the more majestic and calming dronescape-driven atmosphere, with the field recordings only carefully nuancing the sound and giving it that much needed organic element, that grounds the music in the very realm we’re sharing with its creator.

‘Alterity’ was written in Sofia between 2020-2021 by Irish-born, but Bulgaria-based artist Ronan Considine. This debut album is a lesson in tranquility, patience but also of structure, sense of space and melody. ‘Alterity’ allows you to observe, feel and experience the world it unfolds but maintains a delicate distance, making it harder to senselessly lose yourself in it.


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