SUN'S SPECTRUM - Don't Chase the Light CD

CD edition in digipack released by Italian Final Muzik

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CD edition in digipack released by Italian Final Muzik. 

Press-kit  Sun’s Spectrum is a synth-wave duo from Udine, North-Eastern Italy, formed in 2016 by Livio Caenazzo (voice, guitars, programming) and Daniele Iannacone (keyboards, programming) whose music is well described as a balance of contrasts: languor and energy, danceable rhythms and wistful melodies, post-punk guitars and techno beats. “Don’t Chase The Light” is their first CD, set out in two parts: Part 1 consisting of four new, unreleased songs and two updated remixes of early tracks; Part 2 resuming four songs previously self-released on the duo’s eponymous EP in 2019, in digital form and on USB drive box only. A statement of purpose and style from its beautiful title, “Don’t Chase The Light” is an invitation to consciousness and to a critical attitude towards a world full of false expectations and bright illusions, a night flight through love obsessions (“Intrusion”) timeless philosophical themes and science fiction (“It Was Like Autumn”).

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