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SAL SOLARIS - Через полюс​?​? CD

CD released by Kultfront.

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The album includes compositions from three digital EPs by Ivan and Konstantin, which were released between 2015 to 2018 on the bandcampof NEN Records. The album also includes tracks from the Sal Solaris cassette split with Zero View. How frost fixes and kills everything that consists of water, the album “Across the...” freezes into the crystal something that has not been in a single piece of matter until now. A retrospective of several years of life, shown in an order devoid of linear logic. Like a dream with no beginning and no end. A dream to wake up from? The publication is made in the form of a CD with timekeeping on the verge of rinsing, which is hidden in a six-panel digipak, decorated with chains of neural connections.

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