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CD edition released by Selfmadegod.

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CD edition released by Selfmadegod. 

If you like blast beats, sonic beat downs, hoarse vocals, choppy riffs, and something like Unsane on speed, then you’ve got it here in Mothra. Songs take a left turn and then a right before circling back and threatening to turn the wheel violently while stepping on the gas, and damn the consequences. Just when you think you’re in for a high-octane ride, they through a slow burner at you, and yet you’re compelled by the power of Mothra to stay on board. And when you’ve about caught your breath, they throw even more tricks at you from up their sleeve, if only to demonstrate that when you think you have this band figured, you probably don’t. But it’s a great listen as you try to puzzle it out, all the while Mothra pulling the rug out from under you with their barrage of structure changes and aggro beats and riffs. Fans of Converge, Burnt By The Sun, and older The Dillinger Escape Plan should enjoy this record!

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