DEISON / TONIZZO - Una notte che non finisce mai CD + 48pp book

Album released by Silentes.

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Album released by Silentes.

Press-kit: It often happens that crime stories are able to influence the larger history that surrounds them, but very few are those that managed o change aspects of society and pass through more than five decades unharmed, at least in terms of fascination. The whole story of the Monster of Florence is one of them. It is impossible not to get entangled or at least to be captured by it, if one delves into its pages of far-fetched features and too many unanswered questions. For us, as for many, the case of the Monster of Florence has become an obsession. We periodically dusted it off, racking our brains in vain over details or the possible culprit. This time, 40 years after the crimes that started the psychosis of the infamous couple killer, we told ourselves that we had to somehow get rid of it and we did it our way."

The project "Una notte che non finisce mai" (A Night that Never Ends) is made up of eight short stories (written by Sandra Tonizzo) and eight sound episodes created by Deison, and tells the incredible story of the "Monster of Florence" through suggestions, chronicles, impressions and memories. The booklet (21x21cm, 48 colour pages) and the CD included are published in a limited edition of 200 copies for Silentes' newborn label "1970".

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