PLANET SUPREME 'order of the star in the east​/​holy mountain' 2CD

2CD album released by Databloem.

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2CD album released by Databloem.

Planet Supreme is Karl Ture Rydby from Sweden, making his grand debut on Databloem with a double album full of hazy, dreamy yet detailed Cosmic Ambient Explorations. Listening to the first demo’s, Karl's music caught us by its delicate, very well balanced sound and production. Therefore it was no surprise to hear of Karl being an active composer at EMS (elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm). Given the amount of potential album tracks and thoughts of creating the most musical value, we decided to extend the initial album “Order of the Star in the East “with a second disc entitled “Holy Mountain”. Similar in mood and atmosphere, yet taking the listener to other places. The finishing touch of magic was added by mastermind Vincent Villuis (Ultimae), lifting the Planet Supreme sound spectrum to even higher levels.

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