CD edition reissued by Heerwagen Tod. 

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CD edition reissued by Heerwagen Tod. 
Press-kit:3rd full length album of radicalistic Lower Silesian project Goat Thron. This is the re-edition recorded in 2009 and released in 2011 album originally released on CDr.
The album consists of 70 % of sounds extracted from a depth of 1100 meters underground. Sounds taken from heavy machines with strong overdriving electric impulses and noise background  from copper mine ZG Rudna (surface machines and drone noise from 1100 meters underground).
It is the result of the hellish depths of the underworld, a sick vision of the anihilation of mankind and a radical message accented with heavy dark ambient, industrial and noise. The album consists of 7 filthy curses, heresy, hatred and satanic blasphemy. This is over 68 minutes of blasphemy showing the worst methods of exterminating humanity.
Darkest and most extreme Goat Thron CD of all works of the project. Homage for desolation, extermination, homicide and cruel death. Because off its radical content, not for political correctly and religious citizens!

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