Zoharum is excited to present for the first time on CD "WORLD TRANSMISSION" - a series of rare transmissions, reduced and performed by COLUMN ONE in chronological order to document some of its phases. This work is no recording. It exists as a stepping cone while it's essential creators were at work.

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Zoharum is excited to present for the first time on CD "WORLD TRANSMISSION" - a series of rare transmissions, reduced and performed by COLUMN ONE in chronological order to document some of its phases. This work is no recording. It exists as a stepping cone while it's essential creators were at work.

COLUMN ONE "W. TRANSMISSION 1-5" WOODENBOX EDIT. with engraved band symbol includes:

    - 5CD in ecopacks folded in a sleepcase
    - back bag with CO logo  (triple cross).
    - 3 photos in 10x14 cm format, marked by CO members
    - 3 pins with different version of band logo
   -  Double-sided printed poster A3
    - Hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.

The collector's edition, published on the occasion of the release of the new edition of the "W.Transmission" series on CD, is strictly limited to 50 hand-numbered copies, only some of which are available for sale by Zoharum.

ALSO Each of the five chapters is released as a separate release on a CD folded in a 6-panel ecopack. Scattered parts are also available in a packet encased in a sleepcase, issued with a limit of 150 copies. In addition, on the occasion of the premiere, we have prepared a special limited  edition of 50 copies, closed in a wooden box with the Column One insignia engraved, additionally containing: 3 photos 10x14 cm o, signed by the band, A3 poster, a bag with graphics from the issue, 3 pins with the symbols of the collective and hand-numbered certificate of authenticity. Each edition is available for pre-sale via our store.

Premiere October 21, 2022

W.T. 1 was recorded on August 12th, September 27th and October 5th, 1992 as well as January 23th, 1991 and April 17th, 1993.
Previously released in 1992 on cassette tape titled "NEW-RE-GENERATION. The meaning and Function of this series were not clearly defined at the time.Various Unreleased Versions of this First Transmission took shape, all of which followed a diverging emphasis in their conceptional and formal direction. The originally released version, which is not included here, became a marked terminus rather then an origin.
This release focused on the roots of COLUMN ONE that lie in a combination of coded key sounds and images. The associated degrees and movements of immersion and subversion into the consciousness that is COLUMN ONE moved, according to this pattern in a clear process.
These recordings are basic situations. Like pieces of furniture they take place without variations in a psychic Space - without raising claim of wanting to enter a musical universe.
Contact [recorded in 1993] varies the sentence “WHEN WE HEARD THAT NOISE, WE FELL DOWN AND HID OUR FACES.“ of a woman from NEW GUINEA. [1984] is included here as a curious find from childhood and documents first attempts to experiment with tape and sound in 1984.
previously unreleased: contact, alloy, propaganda I, TH W AND  [1984].

W.T. 2 originally released On A.N. COLUMN release
For further information on COLUMN ONE, The Ideals and Products start collecting fish bones & moisten them under a ball of wool with a shampoo bottle or use the water from a leaky plastic bag to tear paper flags.

W.T. 3 was an attempt to follow the physical aura of a religious architecture and,  by using religious tools from its environment , Determinatesd to document COLUMN ONE spent two days in a church and followed streaming , Repellingly vibrating body of this concentrated space. All instruments were played live in November 12th & 13th and recorded with two microphones, installed at two different places of the church. The Position of these microphones made possible to document not only the overall sound, but also the movements in the room. An accentuation of the space acoustics besides the two micro-phones, which were the source material for this recording, a third microphone was connected to effects and a record player, AMP and Speakers. Through this second "artificial" system, manipulated sounds could be radiated into the room. The key and character of the recording are, however, to be found in the architectural presence of the church itself..

World Transmission - the term for a species of contemporary trans-missions, produced and performed by COLUMN ONE in chronological order to document some of its phases : this work does not attempt to fulfil the form or function of an entire or commercial recording. It exists as a document, as a fragment- a tool for the work of the essential members. W.T.4 is the revised document of  a COLUMN ONE event on April 3rd  1998 at Eimer in Berlin. It was the concept of this night to produce vibrations of "Ritual" materials of various origins in   a new connection and in a new location. Besides acoustic instruments  & sounds from our direct environ, used materials also included recordings of various natives. The  Memories of this April 3rd  are vague. Vibrations in a vault, in the centre of Berlin. All COLUMN ONE members in white robes... under an Alien-Like God... in catacombs scenery...

W.T.5 was recorded the night of August 23rd-24th, 2001 and August 9th, 2010.Continuum is the final chapter in the WORLD TRANSMISSION series. The concept of these five albums, their visual and conceptual direction, was exclusively based on the artificial body that is “COLUMN ONE”. It was the perified root of this body that was buried in a pile of plastic, only to grow wondours blooklooms from time to time . In a time when museums still had doors and wordswere barked into megaphones on the quiet. The showcasehad been open long, the root penetrates other layer of Earth  and vestows peace upon collectrors of spores and seeds.
Continuum,. Upwards. Across narrow paths and overgrown rocks the calling and creaking loses itself in the treetops. It seems as if one climbs dowb into the coves of forest. The wooden cathedral. Each sound lies naked in the silence of the interior, whle the outside rushes from far above . Protected vt these walls, servants, masters, and rules move avout  their empires, sleepwalkinng, floating, Gnawing and devouring, themselves, dragging and circling, tearing and creaking, stomping and buzzing all in one tone. Weighing tons, their craft lies one forest floor, permates and moves it, rises with the fluttering stroke of a wing, and sinks back into the ocean now and then large animals drft through these sacred halls. Kings are they. Lost in reverie they rumble through the trone room. Barley audible, a billion legs tick, like clocks. Crack tiny splinters beneath their feet...

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