DUAL ‎– Klanik 7"

7" releaseesd by Drone Records 

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7" releaseesd by Drone Records 

Nahezu weiss in weiss ist die dezente Gestaltung für die Klanik / 4tH-EP.... DUAL gehören für uns definitiv zu einer der besten wirklich experimentellen "ambient-guitar“-Bands ...Wiederveröffentlichung der EP von 1999!
"DUAL hail from Doncaster, now based in London, England and have so far released two cassettes and a 7" on Dirter Promotions. Their music is a mixture of mighty guitar-drones with massive sub bass undertones & slight rhythmic structures that evoke feelings of total transcendence and grandeur. On Side A (KLANIK) there seem to be cascades of tuneful layered guitars that speak a special language of their own, on Side B (4tH) more concrete elements (rumbling and squealing) and unpleasent feedback arising, added by strange backwards sounds creating a rather eerie and challenging feel to it. This is highly demanding incremental experimental guitar-music with a very individual style!” [original label info August 1999]

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