WYRM - Divination Bones 7"

7" releaseesd by Drone Records 

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7" releaseesd by Drone Records 

Abstract drone-experimentalism from Allan Zane (Arcanum, Le Scrambled Debutante, Nihilist Assault Group, Solumenata, The Haters), featuring Liz Lang (Auracene).
The droning world of WYRM (an old word for "serpent") appears to be at the same time raw and inaccessible, but also subtle and mysterious. Crackling noises, granular sounds, waving drones, and more indescribable acoustic objects form an other dimension of its very own. The music seems to point to existential archaic areas in our mind that are inaccessible yet known. Recommended for fans of abstract drone experimentalism in the way of early HAFLER TRIO or BRUME.
Second, revised / complete version of both tracks, previously released as a 7" picture disc (due to a pressing mistake an uncompleted version was pressed on that first edition). Ltd x 400 copies on silver coloured vinyl with full cover design.

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