CD album released by Unknown Pleasures Records.

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CD album released by Unknown Pleasures Records.
Press-kit We are proud to launch on +Closer²​ / Unknown Pleasures Records the debut CD album of a young Australian producer called Jostronamer​. This electronic masterpiece is influenced by the coldest face of The Hacker​ as well as by the work of Heinrich Mueller (the genius behind the cult projects Drexciya, Dopplereffekt? Der Zyklus and Arpanet) or the early works of Anthony Rother​.

This album recommended to all fans of true Electro, a fantastic journey in a futuristic universe composed to the confines of our earth.

The CD version was mastered by Assembler Code​ - a close collaborator of Jensen Interceptor​ - and contains remixes by David Carretta​ and Commuter​ as well as a remixed version of a track from The Hacker.

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