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DER HIMMEL UBER BERLIN 'Chinese Voodoo Dolls' CD

CD album released by Unknown Pleasures Records.

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CD album released by Unknown Pleasures Records.
Press-kit: Der Himmel Über Berlin are a band coming from extreme north-east of Italy whose name explicitly reveals their attraction to middle-european sonority and atmosphere even though their lyrics are in english. Their sound takes us to Post Punk based on the likes of Bauhaus, Joy Division and Christian Death, but with a contemporary twist, which makes them easily placed on the musical map and keeps them original nevertheless. In 2012 Der Himmel release their first studio album "Memories Never Fade". After a radical change in their line up they record a live album in Milano's historical Shelter Club in November of 2013, a natural consequence of extensive touring in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.
With two official videos under their belt, Der Himmel Über Berlin released their second studio album "Shadowdancers",and after that the “Emesys” Ep, in 2015, travelling across Europe with a couple of tours again, for the first time in Belgium, France and Poland, and also in Spain, in 2017.
"Amnesia" released in 2017 on the french label Unknown Pleasures Records.

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