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IKON - On The Edge Of Forever (20th Anniversary Edition) 2CD

Jubilee edit. of the album by Death rock pioneers released by Dark Vinyl.

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Jubilee edit. of the album by Death rock pioneers released by Dark Vinyl.

Press-kit: IKON are one of the oldest members of the Gothic / New Wave scene; Inspired by bands like Joy Division and New Order IKON started in 1993 and are still active today. Their own mixture of Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Dark Wave and NeoFolk is as versatile as it is consistent and band head Chris McCarter has always remained true to himself and his fans.
Now they are going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of  their 4th album from 2001 with this special edition, that contains the studio-Album in a newly remixed & remastered version plus a  massive Bonus-CD, featuring a lot of unreleased material and rare b-sides.
Lineup: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro, Anthony Griffiths and David Burns.

CD1 (20th Anniversary remixed version):
01 King of Terror
02 The Shallow Sea
03 Wheels in Motion
04 Stone Frailty
05 Fine Line
06 Apparition
07 The Wish
08 An Act of Fate
09 Blue Snow Red Rain
10 Distance
11 Afterlife
12 World beneath the Sand
CD2 (B sides and unreleased tracks):
01 On the Edge of Forever (2021 Remix)
02 As I recall
03 Apparition (Outtake unreleased)
04 Everything (previously unreleased)
05 As Night falls
06 Anxiety (previously unreleased)
07 Closing in (Demo)
08 Tear it down (Demo)
09 Elohim
10 Faces in the Wind
11 Solitary Confined
12 World beneath the Snow (previously unreleased)

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