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DYNASTI - Quantum Primitiv CD

CD released by Klanggalerie

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CD released by Klanggalerie

Press-kit: Legendary Pink Dots’ frontman Edward Ka-Spel and Modelbau mainman Frans De Waard have been friends for 30 years, yet it took a Global pandemic to light the touch paper for a collaboration. With much the World’s population peeking through closed curtains in surgical masks, Frans sent a few hours of musical ideas to Edward through cyberspace. However there were a few well developed nuggets that Frans wanted to be given special attention. They were the works he had created together with Johan Nÿland. The attention granted was prompt, lavish and delivered with love and Dynasti was born. Projects as enjoyable as that deserve a future. It’s also a collective that’s rich in history. Edward goes back 42 years with The Dots, releasing countless albums including many solo outings. Add to that numerous collaborations (The Tear Garden, Mimir, Sorry For Laughing, Amanda Palmer, Patrick Q. Wright) and it becomes clear that listening to all that music may need a second lifetime. Frans launched his label and first musical project Kapotte Muziek on the same day in 1984. Since then, he worked with a diverse set of projects, including Beequeen, Goem, Shifts, The Tobacconists, Ezdanitoff, Tech Riders, Quest, QST, THU20, and, most recently, his latest solo project, Modelbau. He has also collaborated with Pan Sonic, Asmus Tietchens, Steven Wilson in a rich and varied career. Peter was half of the synthesizer duo Distel and the driving behind the avant-garde collective, Hadewych. Currently his main output comes through the apocalyptic electronic dreams of Norn and he features as a writer and percussionist in both O Saala Sakraal and Swedish death industrial combo Trepaneringsritualen. Next to these involvements he does the odd audio engineering job and until recently worked as a composer for television documentaries and film - most notably for the Oscar-nominated animated short Mind My Mind (2019) and Dutch documentary series Zembla (2012-2021).


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