MORAL ORDER - The Empty Cross LP

LP edition released by Tesco Germany

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LP edition released by Tesco Germany

Press-kit:“The Empty Cross” the fourth fulllength album of the Hispanic project MORAL ORDER. In this new LP, O. Paíno elaborates an acoustic exegesis based on the work of the famous German thinker Friedrich W. Nietzsche, delving into their interpretation of the books The Gay Science,  ThusSpoke Zarathustra, The Antichrist and The Will to Power. God has died, and Western values ​​must be reformed in a world dominated by chaos and crisis of principles. The cross is empty. The farce is over. “The Empty Cross” includes a collection of songs that stand out for their skillful and careful instrumental execution based on purely analogue, in which MORAL ORDER covers genres as contrasted as power-electronics and dark-ambient. The result causes a very balanced relaxation of forces that makes this album commendable as well as wild, where fury and ritual essence intertwine creating a solid and unique work in its style.

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