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KINGDOM - Abusive Worship In The Chamber Of Shame CD

CD released by Old Temple.

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CD released by Old Temple.

Death bringers speak with their sixth album. The grave shrouds have been torn off to reveal the majesty of the ubiquitous rot! Destructive beauty, eternity enchanted in passing, inevitable decay. Kingdom once again proves that it was created on dead ground. Descend into the depths of black pits, descend into the depths of madness, evil and corpse catacombs. "Abusive Worship In The Chamber Of Shame" is ten merciless, blasphemous tracks of Death Metal. This Horde showed their version of Azarath's "Demon Speed" on the album. The realm of the abusive cult of flesh and bone is calling once again! Hear this call, so speaks Death itself!

Old Temple

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